Energy Tips

  1. Fireplaces

    Learn how you can more efficiently make use of your fireplaces.

  2. Furnace

    Learn how you can save energy (and money) when operating your furnace.

  3. Lighting

    New lighting technologies can yield significant energy use savings.

  4. Lower Water Bills

    The water heater is the second biggest energy user in the home!

  5. Refrigerators & Freezers

    A few simple tips can keep your running costs for refrigerators and freezers down.

  6. Summer Tips

    Summertime means hot weather. Learn what you can do to minimize your cooling costs.

  7. Washing Dishes

    Minimize your water use with our helpful tips.

  8. Windows & Doors

    Minimize how heat transfer from windows and doors to cut down on your heating and cooling costs.