Who monitors energy prices in this new market?
As a result of deregulation, a quasi-governmental agency was created for deregulation, the New York Independent System Operator (NYISO). This organization is responsible for creating a free marketplace for electricity sales and an unbiased operating system for moving electricity from where it is made to where it is distributed. These are two essential elements to prevent market participants from taking advantage of the marketplace.

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1. What is electric deregulation?
2. What is the state of deregulation in New York?
3. Who monitors energy prices in this new market?
4. We hear a lot of discussion about deregulation not working in California and other western states. Why isn't it working?
5. What effect has deregulation had on Freeport Electric customers?
6. Has Freeport Electric raised its electric rates?
7. If my rate has not increased, then why is my electric bill increasing?