February 2002

Freeport Electric Advances Power Plant 2 New Generation Project

Freeport Electric continues its ongoing efforts to develop new electric generating capacity in a modernization project at the Power Plant 2 site. The project involves two co-sited LM-6000 combustion turbines that will each generate 45-50 MW of electricity. One will be owned by the municipal utility to serve the Village's needs, and one will be owned by the independent developer who will construct both units. Negotiations with both LIPA and the independent developer are proceeding productively. The Village's unit will not only help to moderate energy costs during peak operating periods, but also help the Utility meet the installed capacity requirements set by the NY Independent System Operator (NYISO), eliminate deficiency payments, and provide for future load growth. The environmental studies, particularly focusing on issues such as air quality, noise, water and wastewater, site design, siting connections for natural gas service and the regional electric transmission system are proceeding.

The information developed in those studies was the focus of an informational open house held on January 31 at the Freeport Recreation Center. Held from 5-9 p.m., the session drew an interesting cross section of Freeport and Merrick residents, businesses, public officials, and local media. Using poster-sized graphics, maps, photographs and important informational points, as well as a video depicting construction of a LM-6000 facility and a slide presentation outline of the NY energy market as reference points, attendees engaged in lengthy and dynamic discussion with Superintendent Hubert Bianco, Electric Department professionals, and their environmental consultants. Attendees were pleased to hear about key project features including:
  • The performance of air pollution control technology which will significantly reduce potential air emissions;
  • The reliance on natural gas as a fuel (except during the very limited number of days when KeySpan must curtail supply and at which time very low sulfur fuel oil will be used);
  • The plans to decommission the old diesel units 1 and 2; and
  • The architecturally designed, acoustical barrier wall to buffer Freeport residents southwest of the project site.

Energy Tip

Leaks around windows and doors of the average home are equivalent to one open three foot by three foot window. Checking your roof, walls, floors and windows for air leaks is an excellent way to maximize savings from your heating and cooling systems. You can check for leaks by wetting your finger tips and running them around the door or window frame to feel for a draft or holding up a tissue to see if it moves. Seal the leaks between moving parts, such as a door and frame, with weather stripping. Seal leaks between non-moving parts, such as the window frame and wall, with caulking.
Superintendent Hubert M. Bianco