October 2002

During the Summer Months of June, July & August, Peak Use of Electricity was Lower Than Last Year

The Freeport community can look back with satisfaction and relief for its reduced use of energy during recent heat waves and seasonal periods of peak demand. Although Freeport residences and businesses, like those across Long Island and throughout the NY metro region used more electricity this summer than last, Freeport consumers conserved electricity during heat waves and traditional peak periods. During the summer months of June, July and August, peak use of electricity was lower than last year.

For the summer months of June through August, total electricity consumption grew from 73,057 MW in 2000, to 77,347 MW in 2001, to 80,001 MW in 2002. This represents an approximate increase in energy usage of ten percent over this two-year period. Despite the generally growing demand for overall energy, with attention to consumption, Freeport customers lowered their highest daily peak demand from 59.1 MW last summer to 58.2 MW this summer.

Reduced energy consumption in the community not only contributed to the smooth operations of the utility, but also preserved the comfort and economic well being of the community. The reduced peak demand periods ensured the reliability of the Village's electricity supply, prevented potential brownouts or blackouts. Achieving reductions in peak usage ensured that industrial and business activities were not interrupted, and that health impaired individuals, our elderly, and those with respiratory or other chronic illness, were able to utilize durable medical equipment or air conditioning without interruption.

Freeport Electric is well situated to meet the overall power needs of its residents, businesses and industries from a variety of sources including hydro-electric power supplied by NYPA, on-site generation at Power Plant 1 and the gas turbine at Power Plant 2, and purchase of electricity from the wholesale energy market. As always, the price of generation compared to the cost of purchasing electricity drives the selection of in-Village generation versus purchasing electricity from the market place.

This summer the new LIPA / Village agreement was initiated, under which the Village purchases energy from LIPA at a fixed cost regardless of market conditions. This agreement insured a reliable energy supply during the peak summer period and some price stability for our customers. This agreement not only provided the environmental assurances desired by Freeport and its neighbors during summer months when enjoyment of our shoreline and out-of-doors environment is paramount, but enabled the Village to manage the overall cost of electricity responsibly.

During peak use days in July and August, Freeport could have faced electricity costs as high as $900/MW. Utilizing the mix of hydroelectric energy from NYPA, generation at Village facilities and LIPA supplied power stabilized the cost of electricity far below market rates.

While the source and cost of electricity supplied is a significant concern of Freeport Electric for its customers, so is the electric distribution system or delivery system that carries electricity to each residential, commercial and industrial threshold. Diligence of utility personnel, before and throughout the summer paid off, and this summer we experienced minimal interruptions to our customers.

The Freeport Electric system reflects the spirit and the attributes of customer ownership. The success of Freeport Electric's customers in reducing peak demand, routine awareness of our customers' part in the Village's electric supply system, and efforts of our staff and crews paid off, as the success of this summer shows. We thank the crews and staff of Freeport Electric, and every customer within the Village for a great summer.

Energy Tip

Today there are a large variety of fluorescent bulbs which can be used to replace incandescent bulbs in your home. Fluorescent bulbs are more expensive, but last 10 times longer. Use the bulbs in areas where you leave the lights on for a long period of time. This will provide the greatest return on your money.
Superintendent Hubert M. Bianco