Hybrid Bucket Truck

Freeport Electric Plays a Powerful Role in Green Energy Arena: Secures New York Power Authority Grant to Acquire Hybrid Truck

As part of a Freeport Electric's commitment to adhere to Mayor of Freeport strives to become a green community the Utility is replacing its aging vehicles with green alternatives. Freeport Electric has bought a hybrid truck and plans to add more energy-efficient vehicles to its fleet. Freeport Electric (FE) is continuing its efforts to be environmentally responsible by integrating its first hybrid truck into the fleet.
Hybrid Bucket Truck
"The purchase of the vehicle was attainable with the help of a grant from NYPA. That grant offset the difference between the cost of a regular bucket truck and the hybrid bucket truck. The Village of Freeport is extremely pleased to receive this grant and the purchase of the energy-free, environmentally friendly bucket truck," said Mayor of Freeport. The vehicle is estimated to save 30% to 55% of fuel, based on similar prototype vehicles. With an annual consumption of 1,000 gallons of diesel fuel, at $3 per gallon and an approximate minimum reduction of 30% in fuel, FE will save 300 gallons of fuel per year for total savings of $900 dollars. The CO2 emissions will be reduced by 5-10 tons annually.

The new trucks are equipped with the same size engine as a conventional truck and operate like a normal hybrid vehicle. However, a key efficiency component of these trucks begins when the aerial bucket operates with the engine completely off, while workers use the bucket to perform day to day operations. The engine will also shut off when the vehicles are idling. These results in reducing fuel usage and exhaust emissions. Another important component the hybrid system features is regenerative braking. As the brakes are applied, the energy is captured and used to charge the lithium-ion battery system. This battery is used to operate the boom, (the part of the truck used to lift workers), for up to two hours with the engine off.

"The addition of this new truck reinforces the administration's commitment to invest in energy efficiency." said former Freeport Electric Superintendent Anthony Fiore. "This generates enormous benefits in improving air quality, curbing noise pollution, increasing energy efficiency and providing financial savings for our customers."