After the Storm

  • If power has not been restored within 24 hours, the contents of the refrigerator may begin to spoil. Discard spoiled foodstuff.
  • Whether you are sustaining an electrical outage or not, stay in the house until advised that it is safe to go outside If at any time there is the distinctive odor of gas in the Home, evacuate immediately and call National Grid (800-490-0045) from outside the house.
  • When it's safe to go outside, be aware there may be wires down. Do not touch or attempt to move any wires as it may have become energized. Report wires down to Freeport Electric at 516-378-0146.
  • Run portable generators outside.
  • Before calling Freeport Electric to report an outage, do the following:
    • Check your fuses or circuit breakers in your electric panel.
    • Check your meter and service entrance wires on the outside of the house. If pulled off the house or if damaged, call an electrician to repair and call the Freeport Electric emergency number at 516- 378-0146 and report your information.
  • If your home looks "unstable" due to major damage (such as a tree falling through the roof), evacuate the home.
  • Contact your insurance company for any damage claim.
  • Make sure water is safe to drink before using the public water supply system.
  • If so warranted, boil water before drinking or use in cooking.
  • After electricity has been restored, do not use any appliance that has been wet or damaged until checked by a licensed electrician.

Electrical Service Equipment

We are often asked by our customers, "Who is responsible for maintaining and repairing the equipment that provided electricity to my home?" The customer/owner is responsible for installing, maintaining and repairing all equipment up to and including the service connection point (point of attachment) except for the electric meter. Freeport Electric is responsible for the meter and for providing service to your meter, not for maintaining the equipment or appliances using the service. See our handout (PDF) for additional information.