Microgrid Fuel Tanks

The tank farm at Power Plant 1 was originally designed and built in 1928 and expanded in 1934. Until recently we had all four in service until un-repairable structural issues were discovered. At this time the only remaining tank in service is a 25,000 gallon tank that was installed in 1934. Of this 25,000 gallon tank only 22,500 gallons of space is useable. Assuming that we can’t accept a delivery until we have space for 8000 gallons this would leave us 21.8hrs of run time without the addition of the new GOSR supplied black start microgrid engine. We are proposing the following:

  1. Power Plant 1 Fuel Tanks
  2. Two new 30,000 gallons horizontal fuel tanks with level detection, leak detection as well as new mechanical piping and associated concrete foundation along with all of the proper environmental permitting and licenses.


Assuming industry standard lifespan of a fuel tank is 50 years we have maintained this tank 34 years past its useful life term and expect this tank to fail in the near future. If we can replace this tank with 60,000 gallons tanks and 54,000 gallons of capacity we will be able to have enough fuel to generate for 66 hours with the new GOSR supplied black start microgrid engine.