What are congestion charges?

Just like there are only 2 bridges connecting Long Island to the rest of the state there are only a few cables bringing in electricity on hot humid days these cables are operating at peak capacity and demand is high. Along with higher demand comes higher costs. If a cable goes out of service costs can skyrocket and we either have to pay the increased rates or we can’t get the power we need to keep the lights on.

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1. What is the Fuel Adjustment?
2. How long has Freeport had the FAC on our bills?
3. How is the FAC rate calculated?
4. Does every utility calculate the FAC the same way?
5. How is the FAC applied?
6. Does Freeport profit from the FAC?
7. But I thought we get most of our power from Niagara Falls?
8. What are congestion charges?
9. What about the new power plant?
10. Freeport’s rates are higher than LIPA’s!
11. Some Key Points: