Some Key Points:

Freeport Electric has a team of people dedicated to keeping our energy costs as low as possible. We recognize that the FAC value can fluctuate widely from month to month. We are working with the Department of Public Service to find a solution to stabilize this, but for now we are mandated to use the formula prescribed by our tariff.

It is important to keep in mind that even during months with a higher than average FAC our bills are still 30% lower than LIPA.

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1. What is the Fuel Adjustment?
2. How long has Freeport had the FAC on our bills?
3. How is the FAC rate calculated?
4. Does every utility calculate the FAC the same way?
5. How is the FAC applied?
6. Does Freeport profit from the FAC?
7. But I thought we get most of our power from Niagara Falls?
8. What are congestion charges?
9. What about the new power plant?
10. Freeport’s rates are higher than LIPA’s!
11. Some Key Points: