September 2004

Freeport Electric in Cooperation With Intellidyne Will Be Offering a Series of Energy Saving Products for Businesses & Residents With Central Air Conditioning, Refrigeration or Large Heating Systems

Freeport Electric in cooperation with Intellidyne will be offering a series of energy saving products for businesses and residents with central air conditioning, refrigeration or large heating systems. The new product utilizes a "smart" microcomputer based energy savings device that can easily be installed on steam heating systems, central air systems and commercial refrigeration units. The IntelliCon devices, as they are called, reduces energy consumption by analyzing the demands and characteristics of the entire heating, air-conditioning, or refrigeration system and dynamically modifies the burner or compressor cycle pattern. These new patterns result in less frequent and more efficient energy cycles. Unlike other products, IntelliCon is truly a "smart" product that does not require any programming and automatically compensates for load and seasonal changes.

Freeport Electric has installed one of the IntelliCon products on its steam boiler. The installation is being used as a test site and all data is being tracked on an hourly basis. Initial indications are that the Utility will save 15% in reduced gas costs by using this product. An information flyer will be sent to all commercial customers in the next few weeks. If you have any questions, please call Hub Bianco at 377-2220.

Energy Tip

Myth - Those unvented gas space heaters are a safe way to keep warm. Not true. They are so dangerous that five states and many cities have banned them.
Superintendent Hubert M. Bianco