Induction Street Lights Program

The Mayor of Freeport and Superintendent of Electric Anthony Fiore are pleased to announce that the Village of Freeport has received a $173,100 grant from the DOE to replace 340 less efficient high pressure sodium (HPS) street lights with new longer-life, high efficiency Induction fixtures.

In 2010, the Village of Freeport was awarded an ARRA grant to implement a pilot program to install 340 high efficiency induction street lights around the Village of Freeport. We divided the Village into four quadrants and installed approximately 90 in each quadrant. Induction street lights provide the same light output while consuming less energy than the old style high pressure sodium (HPS) fixtures. In our case, we replaced 123-watt HPS fixtures with 80 Watt induction fixtures, an energy savings of approximately 35%. With regard to maintenance, the induction fixtures require substantially less maintenance than the HPS fixtures which require maintenance on average every 3 years while the induction fixtures come with a 10 year full warranty and have a life expectancy of 20 years. The induction fixtures have also received positive feedback from the community. As a result of the success of the pilot program, we will continue to convert the remainder of the Village's street lights to the high efficiency induction lights.
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