Freeport Microgrid

The Village of Freeport (Freeport) is the second largest village in the state of New York and one of the most diverse communities in Nassau County.  It is located along the south shore of Nassau County on Long Island and occupies 4.6 square miles.  As an incorporated village, Freeport has its own municipal electric, water utilities, police force, and fire department. The Village prides itself on its independence and the quality of life it helps to provide for its residents and the surrounding communities.

The Village’s electric utility (Freeport Electric or FE) is committed to supplying safe, reliable, and economical energy to its customers by constantly re-evaluating its electrical system and identifying projects that will make its system even more resilient and self reliant during life disrupting occurrences such as Hurricane Sandy.  We believe the integration of a microgrid into our infrastructure can accomplish this. A microgrid is a small-scale version of the centralized electricity system that includes all the necessary components to operate in isolation of the centralized grid.  Microgrids operate independently and when connected to the grid allow for the import or export of electricity. This enables power continuity in critical areas when power outages and service disruptions affect the wider grid. The following generation, transmission, and distribution components will make Freeport’s microgrid more resilient and improve the overall system performance of the Village’s electric infrastructure: