Upgrades to LM6000

The LM6000 is a 50 megawatt simple cycle generating unit installed at Power Plant II.  With the proposed upgrades this unit can provide close to 85% of the Village’s energy demands on peak demand days. We propose the following upgrades:  

  1. Propose to upgrade the existing turbine control system which will then enable us to generate in Isochronous (island/isolated) utilizing a new local touch panel display. The new control system will utilize enhanced algorithms (SAR updates – see Woodward quotes) that will allow better megawatt, water injection, & nuisance trip control while running at part & full load.
  2. Propose to upgrade the existing balance of plant control system which will incorporate the integration of the new turbine control system, SCR controls, balance of plant auxiliaries and any other microgrid control functionality that would need to be integrated. It will also allow the turbine to be run off site at a remote location with full control and data logging capabilities.
  3. Propose to upgrade the chiller control system which is used to cool the inlet air of the LM6000 engine on ambient days above 75F. The existing system does not allow for any remote control and data aquisition. In addition to the upgraded local control and data acquisition system it will allow integration into the new balance of plant control for offsite remote access which is needed on ambient days above 75F.
  4. Propose to upgrade the existing Selective catalyst reduction system with a new NOx catalyst, CO catalyst as well as an enhanced ammonia distribution grid. This will enable the Village of Freeport to run at various power levels and still comply with state and federal emissions limits.

With the above proposed upgrades we will be able run the LM6000 both locally and remotely utilizing the new “island mode” upgrade which will ensure that the LM6000 will be reliable through a full spectrum of load levels as the primary source of power for the Village of Freeport.