April 2004

New Generation Project Operates On Schedule: Old Power Plant 2 Diesels Decommissioned: Construction of Second Merchant Generator on Schedule for June Operation

(Freeport, New York, April 23, 2004) - April has been a busy month for the staff and operations of the Freeport Electric Department. Construction of the Village's new 47 MW combustion turbine project was completed, allowing operation to start on April 1. As the new combustion turbine and the new on-site substation were fully integrated into the Village transmission system, the old diesel units were disconnected from the distribution system, effectively decommissioning Units 1 and 2.

"We were pleased that the project schedule was met and the new generator began operations as promised," stated Hubert Bianco, Superintendent of Electric Utilities. "This was a huge effort by all of our contractors and partners in this complex project." GFS, LLC comprising Greenman Pedersen Inc./Fresh Meadows Mechanical Corporation/Peter Scalamandre & Sons, Inc. was the primary contractor responsible for construction of the new generation facilities at Power Plant 2. Welsbach Electric Corporation constructed the gas and electric interconnection to KeySpan and LIPA facilities.

"GFS not only rose to the challenge of constructing this project on active utility property, they were essential to our timely mitigation of the PCB contaminated soils that were identified as site preparations began last July. They worked closely with our environmental consultant P.W. Grosser Consulting Engineers and Hydrogeologists, P.C. and Blue Water Environmental, Inc. to ensure the remediation effort was conducted in accordance with all environmental, public safety, and workplace safety standards, and kept construction of the combustion turbine moving forward," Mr. Bianco explained. GFS is still active on the site constructing the second 47 MW combustion turbine that will be operated as a merchant facility by Equus Power I, L.P.

"Welsbach, in conjunction with Bancker Construction, not only ensured the timely installation of the gas and electric interconnection with KeySpan and LIPA," Mr. Bianco remarked, "but they did so with minimal disruption of traffic and daily life in the Village, for commuters at the Merrick train station and elsewhere along the transmission routes."

"Both KeySpan and LIPA have been our tireless partners in seeing this project to fruition." added Mayor William Glacken. "We look forward to celebrating the full development of the Power Plant 2 site with completion of the Equus facility in time to meet this summer's peak demand."

"Lastly, but certainly not least, I congratulate all the Electric Department employees who have been key to the success of this critical project," remarked Mayor Glacken. "Our workers have been integrally involved in the project from pre-permitting studies and in the review and approval of all engineering and design work. They developed mitigation plans; prepared drawings; worked as a team with our consultants; and monitored construction and finances. As we continue oversight and implementation of the Equus project, our staff has completed training on and walked-down all the new facility systems at the plant, and ensured timely decommissioning of the old diesels," Superintendent Bianco explained. "All the while, these tireless workers, many of whom are your friends and neighbors have continued to provide the reliable electric and customer service you count on every day," concluded Mayor Glacken.